MLily MProve 3.0 Plush Hybrid Mattress

$ 599.99

Mprove 3.0 Plush Hybrid Mattresses, by Mlily.

The Mprove 3.0 is the hybrid model in our CBD-infused mattress line. The main difference between the 2.0 and the 3.0 model is that the hybrid design allows for a plush, soft feel. The CBD oil-infused cover is the star feature, combined with an extra-tall profile for added comfort and deep sleep. The oil infusion promotes a calmer sleep while the other layers provide support and regulate body temperature.

  • Plush
  • CBD infused
  • Increased breathability
  • Regulates temperature
  • Adapts to body
  • CBD Infused Foam + Fabric Quilted Cover: With a very soft-to-the-touch feel and the important ability to let air flow easily, this fabric offers comfort, function, and durability. Its interlaced threads throughout the cover move with you to reduce bunching and create natural air gaps for breathability.
  • AeroFusion™ Memory Foam: This material takes memory foam to the next level.Micro-channels allow for added air-flow and temperature regulation to ensure you stay cool while still getting the comfort and pressure relieving benefits memory foam is famous for. It offers supportive spinal alignment while maintaining a plush feel. This foam was previously labeled as AirCell Foam.
  • AdaptiFoam™: This specialty foam is engineered to be open cell for breathability with all the rebound and firm support of latex while being allergy-free. Previously labeled as Smart Foam, the properties of this foam offer great air flow and premium comfort.
  • Flex Comfort Foam: This foam is often used as part of our base support top layer to seal in our Individually Pocketed Spring system in our Hybrid lines. This foam is flexible and durable, allowing for the other more specialized foams above it to shine while it supports from below.
  • Hybrid Base Foam with 7-Zoned Individually Pocketed Springs: We alternate the Individually Pocketed Springs into seven separate zones with different support levels to match the different areas of the body. This offers better support in the areas that carry your weight while still conforming in the areas where more pressure is needed.